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HPC | Made With Love

This website was made with love by Brandon Cox

This website was made by Brandon Cox for High Priority Caregivers hand coded from scratch with the help of a few open APIs, utilities, and scripts. The vast majority of this site was created for High Priority without the use of online resorces, therefore, you may notice some glitches, issues, and formatting errors while I work out the bugs!

How do I get a site like this?

Please contact Brandon at if you want to inquire about getting a site like this for your company. This site is equiped with powerful delivery tools, inventory management, profit management, menu and item management, payroll management and much much more and I am always expending the site!

Pricing for the site:

I have two pricing levels, commissions and upfront. For commissions, you must pay $5,000 in fees for the site then a 2% commission on all sales through the site. The fee includes transfering or getting a domain for your site, database, transfer to a host that will support the site, and ensure your site is running 100%, then the commissions cover contenued maintance and updates for the site. You can also pay upfront, $20,000 for the site and that covers everything for the life of your company with no monthly or anual fees. For upfront costs, $5,000 is due at signing and the remaining is due once the site launches. I will manage your site from the backend however I will not manage inventory, the menu, etc. Only issues, bugs, support tickets, and soforth.

What if my company requires special features?

Most special features are included in the price, and i'll be happy to accomodate. Advanced features, such as mobile applications and such may require additional fees depending on what you request.