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Registered patients must designate a dispensary or a caregiver to marijuana cannabis for purchase. Patients can purchase medical marijuana directly from a registered caregiver or dispensary, or may choose to grow cannabis on their own land or a designated cultivation site. Recreational sales for adults over 21 are currently on illigal pending legalization in the future.

The commercial sale of cannabis is still illegal outside of the medical market. There is currently no tax on the sale or purchase of cannabis for medical use due to current federal laws. Once retail sales can start, recreational-use cannabis will be subject to a 10% state sales tax.

High Priority Caregivers take extra care in ensuring everything we do is legal and have a team of laywers and accountants checking and double checking our work to ensure all transactions go smoothly. Rest assured you are taken care of!
Where is it Safe to buy Marijuana?
You MUST consume cannabis products in a private space. It is illegal to consume cannabis or cannabis-infused products in any public environment. Consumption of cannabis in a parked car or in public view is strictly prohibited and could lead to fines and confinscation.

Driving a motor vehicle, boat, or vessel under the influence of cannabis is illegal and consumption within a car is NOT allowed, while driving nor while riding as a passenger.
Where is it Safe to Consume?
Under the Maine Medical Marijuana Program regulations, qualified patients and their designated caregivers can possess no more than 6 mature plants and up to 2.5 oz of dry flower. They may also possess an incidental amount of marijuana, including up to 12 nonflowering plants and 8lbs of harvested, unprepared flower.

Adults 21 and older years may grow up to 6 mature plants and possess 2.5 oz.

To consume:
You must be 21+ for recreational, and 18+ for medical.
Possession limit for flower:
Possession Laws